Beet Yield Competition

32 growers have signed up for the 2017 Beet Yield Competition. Soil sampling is currently underway and a summary of results will be released shortly.

Assess your soil and resources and challenge yourself to become a Champion Grower.

This competition is not about the highest yielding crop, it is about managing the resources at your disposal to the best effect.  As an entrant to the competition we will be assessing your soil capabilities, monitoring rainfall, drilling/spraying timings and crop development throughout the growing season to ascertain the potential maximum yield for your sugar beet enterprise. The winners will be determined as those reaching the highest percentage of their theoretical potential yield in their factory area and an overall Country CHAMPION.

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Sugar beet crops will be entered into the annual competition and a 'Crop Model' operated by the BBRO will measure the potential yield from each crop/yield entered.

  • Potential crop yield measured according to soil  type, drilling date, rainfall etc.
  • Each crop entered must be 2 hectare or more  (whole field).
  • Delivered fields (or plot) yield will be measured at factories from growers deliveries.
  • Percentage of potential will then be calculated to show how close to the full potential a field (or plot) has been produced. 
  • Competitors will be split into categories (e.g. individual growers, groups or agronomists).



The competition will enable sugar beet growers, agronomists and researchers to work together or individually to find out how best to improve sugar beet yields and share best practice to contribute to the future success of the UK sugar beet crop.

  • In the UK sugar beet crops have produced 145 tonnes per hectare but the average is less than half of this.
  • Competing and showing how the winning crops are grown will define the differences in best practice versus average practise providing the information advisors and growers need to make a step change towards higher yields.



The competition will be run annually with each crop year being an entry for that season.  Applications for 2017 have now closed. 

 Winners will be recognised from each factory area with the title of CHAMPION being awarded to the winner: the entrant reaching the highest percentage of their theoretical potential yield for the country.  The group of winners will accompany representatives from the sponsoring organisations on a study tour in Europe.



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