BBRO Demonstration Farm Network

New for 2017, our network of 6 Demonstration Farms, are open to growers throughout the season.


BBRO Demonstration Farms were drilled without a hitch.  Taking full advantage of the good conditions, 8 variety strips, strip tillage & seed treatment demonstrations were planted.  Dry conditions throughout April stalled growth, however rainfall during late May should soon boost growth.




What is a BBRO Demo Farm?

BBRO is working with 6 farms to explore the application of new technologies and agronomic practices at a commercial scale. Many of the new practices will have already been tested at the replicated plot scale but through BBRO On-Farm we are demonstrating how these can be scaled up to the whole field level.

Through our Demonstration Farms BBRO can work with growers to assess practices such as the use of cover crops and the use of different cultivation and tillage regimes which can only be assessed at a whole field and cross-rotational scale

Several beet crops grown on each of the Demonstration Farms will also be monitored and assessed closely across the season with the data collated and integrated on a common platform provided by KisanHub.

Our work in 2017 will facilitate performance benchmarking and some seasonal crop progress monitoring. Regular updating with photographs and aerial sensing will be posted on our website (click here).

The Demonstration Farm network covers a range of soils types: Lincolnshire brash, silt, peaty loam, and a range of lighter soils such as sands, sandy loam and sandy clay loams.

On each BBRO Demonstration farm thereare strips of nine commonly grown varieties from the Recommended List. These will be drilled, managed and harvested as commercial crops and enable us to compare pest & diseases susceptibilities as well providing the opportunities to apply some differential treatments such nitrogen rates and foliar feeds and also to assess yields at different harvest dates. This aspect will provide some insight to variety X soil type X location interactions and how we may be able to ‘tailor’ crop management practice more precisely.

We are enjoying hosting beet growers and advisors to our Demonstration Farms this year at our events and meetings.  Get in touch if you would like to arrange a specific visit.


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