Aphid Survey 2019

Maps showing aphid flight pressure by site, week and cumulatively from mid April - July 2019.

The maps show where flying aphids (M.persicae ) are currently being detected. Growers should interpret the maps as indicating where extra vigilance is required to reduce the risk of virus yellows. Growers should inspect growing crops regularly and use aphicide sprays when threshold population (1 green wingless aphid per 4 plants) is detected.  See BBRO Reference Book for more details.

In week four we identified 1582 Myzus persicae from samples received. In sites where more than 20 M.persicae have been identified, only 20 will be randomly selected for virus testing at this stage.

Of those aphids tested 4 have been found positive for BMYV:

1 x Newton Flotman, 2 x Swaffham Prior and 1 x Swanton Morley.


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