Beet Yield Challenge

The Beet Yield Challenge has begun for the 2020-21 crop. Growers have opened up a field for our scrutiny.

Challenge yourself to become a Champion Grower

The Beet Yield Challenge (BYC) provides a framework to identify how to manage the resources at your disposal to the best effect. Participants enter a field at drilling and crop progress is monitored throughout the season. To do this, data is collected in partnership between BBRO and the participant and their agronomist – BBRO will collect some data but participants will need to be engaged and willing to take measurements and provide data throughout the season. This data is used to understand the factors influencing yield performance. Performance is assessed based on the proportion of your yield potential that you achieve.

Throughout the year you will receive BYC newsletters to give you tips and support to help you improve your yield and watch the progress of all the crops being monitored. 


BYC 2019-20 Final Report: issued 15th May 2020

BYC 2020-21 now underway

Information on what BYC will entail, including the data you will be expected to collect during the year, can be found here: BYC Information

A general report is produced at the end of each year which is available to all growers. Participants each receive a report on their own field which includes recommendations specific to them.

2020 BYC Interim Report for 2019 

2019 Newsletter 4: issued 15th October

2019 Newsletter 3: issued 10th August

2019 Newsletter 2 issued 3rd June

2019 Newsletter 1 issued 7th May

2018-19 Beet Yield Challenge Report (Download)

2017-18 Beet Yield Challenge Report 




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