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BBRO Crop Benchmarking

BBRO’s crop benchmarking programme focuses on providing high-quality yield benchmarking resources to enable growers to understand their level of performance. This has been initiated in response to requests from growers.

We have recently created a yield benchmarking tool that provides growers with access to a considerable amount of yield data. By exploring this data, growers can gain an understanding of how their yield compares to yields from crops grown under similar conditions. This benchmarking tool is available on the BBROplus website (

To complement this, BBRO is developing a tool for benchmarking against yield potential (Beet Yield Tracker) – this is an estimate of the yield that could be achieved given the specific field conditions. This will enable growers to explore the impact of different management practices on yield.

Using benchmarking tools to identify a yield gap is the first step in improving sugar beet yields. The next steps are to identify the factors limiting yields and develop guidance on the management practices that will allow growers to reach their yield potential. This will involve collecting high-quality data from the field. The Beet Yield Challenge is one way that allows us to collect data to link crop management and field conditions to yield.  

Once testing complete the Beet Yield Tracker will be added to the suite of tools found on the BBROplus website (



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