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Our research programme covers 3 areas of activity; crop progression, stability and recovery.

New for 2017.


Following our recent crop stability call we have agreed to 4 new projects:

  • Understanding variety-fungicide interactions: maximising future yield potential - Dr Mark Stevens, BBRO.
  • Forecasting and monitoring the vectors of virus yellows and their resistance to neonicotinoids – Dr James Bell, Rothamsted.
  • Managing resistance evolving concurrently against two modes of action, to extend effective life of fungicides. Dr Neil Paveley, RSK ADAS.
  • Is rhizoctonia a developing threat to UK sugar beet production, through increased digestate use?  - Christine Henry, Fera.

Further details on the above projects will be available under the crop stability link below, once the projects are underway. 


Our current research programme consists of 21 projects, some of which our delivered solely in-house but where possible we work in collaboration with other research partners. This increases the knowledge and expertise available, links us to other work, and ensures increased value for our investment.   The work within each pillar varies dependant on areas of most importance or urgency to the industry.  Over the past 3 years there has been  a high level of research within the crop stability pillar, some of this work is coming to an end in 2016 with new work commencing under both crop progression and crop recovery early 2017.  

In 2016 CROP PROGRESSION will equate to 41% of our research portfolio,  CROP RECOVERY 6% and CROP STABILITY 53%.  

BBRO would be keen to  work closer with growers and Area Managers to assess on farm innovation, providing scientific rigour to support best practice.  If you have an idea that you would like us to investigate further please let us know using the 'Grower idea form'.


The sugar beet yield has continually risen over the past 12 years and our research shows that there is more potential to be realised.  Our combined programmes of work will continue to deliver for the forthcoming years.


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