About Us

The British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO) implements and commissions research specifically for the UK sugar beet industry. We share the results with growers and advisors at meetings, demonstration farms and events and through our regular publications.

BBRO identifies, commissions and evaluates research projects and by effective knowledge exchange ensures best practice to maximise yield return for UK sugar beet growers.

Our programme of work is designed to increase the competitiveness and profitability of the UK grower and processor in a sustainable and environmentally acceptable manner. 

Based at the Norwich Research Park, we interact with leading scientists and, collaborate with Universities and research institutes at a local and international level. 

Our three pillars of research and development activity are enhancing Crop Stability, Crop Progression and Crop Recovery.

BBRO’s vision 

  • Increase yield and profitability
  • Provide impartial information and relevant training to support growers
  • Lead in best practice for sugar beet production
  • Deliver first class trials and demonstrations
  • Ensure UK beet industry remains competitive in global market
  • Leverage greater funds to enhance the R&D portfolio where applicable

How We Communicate

We share the research results with sugar beet growers through our publications and at our events.

BBRO Structure


The strategic direction of BBRO is defined by the industry related Stakeholder Board, reviewing new technology and issues/threats to the crop and evaluating potential impact and value to the industry. Work is delivered by a small staff team, both internally and through collaboration. The Technical Board monitors the scientific rigour of our research programme, ensuring good value and timely results are delivered. 

BBRO is a not for profit making company.
We are set up jointly by British Sugar plc and the National Farmers' Union.

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