Commercial Collaborations

BBRO implements and commissions research work to ensure delivery takes place in the most productive environment and for the best outcome.

Similarly, BBRO offers a service to commercial organisations who wish to undertake glasshouse or field trials requiring independent support. This service is predominantly aimed at those aligned to the BBRO core priorities and activities.


Below are some of the services we can provide:

  • Trials carried out by an independent organisation including field assessments and analysis of data
  • Supply of aphids for inoculated virus field trials
  • Testing of new plant material, plant protection products or plant enhancement products
  • We can also provide an impartial view of new technology


If you would like further information regarding these services please contact


All our commercial services are handled with absolute confidentiality.


Below: Careful planning of trial site and protocols as shown below help to capture quality data.


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BBRO is a not for profit making company.
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