An insight into the world of sugar beet production in the UK, hosted by the British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO). This monthly production provides an overview of the industry with timely updates and future forecasts to support sugar beet growers. Hear from BBRO scientists and the field team, plus grower updates and industry comment.

BeetCast May: A grower's perspective

With the crop underway we join Martin Stuffens, Farm Manager of Park Farm, Thorney to discuss the BBRO trial site that he is hosting and how his crops are faring so far this season.

BeetCast April: Giving aphids their marching orders off beet

We are all on high alert following the Rothamsted Research Aphid forecast. BBRO are exploring a number of options to support the sugar beet industry and encourage growers to join with them in finding new ways to manage this pest.

BeetCast (March): Managing the sugar beet crop, with and without Cruiser SB

The Rothamsted Forecast released on the 1st March triggered the use of Cruiser SB treated seed for the 2022 sugar beet crop. The forecast predicts that without control measures almost 70% of the crop will be infected by Virus yellows. Prof Mark Stevens and Dr Simon Bowen discuss the options for growers.

BeetCast (February): Positive start to the beet season ahead.

Following a successful year of trials the BBRO are pleased to release some exciting news ahead of the BeetTech22 events relating to Virus yellows and Free living nematodes. Great way to start the new season.

BeetCast (December) Impact of cover crops on soil health

There has been much talk of the importance of cover crops, but planning their use requires a bit of forethought, whilst their impact requires patience. This is part one of a soil health special with James Beamish, Holkham Farming looking at soil health management and their cover crop programme.

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