An insight into the world of sugar beet production in the UK, hosted by the British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO). This monthly production provides an overview of the industry with timely updates and future forecasts to support sugar beet growers. Hear from BBRO scientists and the field team, plus grower updates and industry comment.

BeetCast May: The trialling choice of tillage

With so many tillage choices, how do you ensure you have made the right choice for your soil, the conditions and your crop? BBRO are investigating these implications at Holkham Farming with interesting results.

BeetCast April: Preparing for an invasion

With a high Virus Yellows forecast and aphids expected around the 10th April we look at mitigation strategies to help growers protect the crop in 2024.

BeetCast March: Drilling into the detail

We join Simon Bowen and Stephen Aldis at a Drill Operators training day, to hear the latest info on improving crop population, establishment and ultimately yield through good preparation and drilling.

We also meet with 5 drill manufacturers; Grimme, Kverneland, Kuhn, Monosem and Vaderstad.

BeetCast February: Getting to grips with a harvester

As many experienced harvester drivers will tell you there is a lot more to harvesting a good beet crop than you'd think. We spend some time in the cab with a new driver and carry out a harvester test to really put him through his paces - will he pass muster?!

BeetCast January 2024: What's happened to my sugars?

First podcast of 2024. We look at a frequent grower question received during the 2023 campaign. Walking through the collection of data process at British Sugar with Perry Bateman and then hearing from Simon Bowen regarding some of the potential influences to low sugars and higher impurities.

BeetCast December 2023: Cover crops and responsible use of glyphosate

Quite a few growers are using or considering the use of cover crops, but getting the species mix is only one consideration, you also need to plan for destruction particularly where followed by sugar beet. Roger Bradbury, sugar beet lead for Bayer Cropscience and Dr Georgina Barratt (BBRO) discuss the use of glyphosate.

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