An insight into the world of sugar beet production in the UK, hosted by the British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO). This monthly production provides an overview of the industry with timely updates and future forecasts to support sugar beet growers. Hear from BBRO scientists and the field team, plus grower updates and industry comment.

BeetCast September: Balancing variety choices

An early release of the September edition of BeetCast to support growers in making those important variety choices we speak to some of the breeders about their seed portfolios.

BeetCast August: Making the most of final canopy growth.

With the sugar beet harvest due to start in a few weeks, we remind growers to keep an eye on canopies as they recover from drought. Checking for disease and nutrient deficiencies in order to keep the canopy as healthy as possible to maximise yield potential.

BeetCast July: Potential impact of Virus yellows on the 2022 crop.

It has been a very busy few weeks in the BBRO laboratory checking through numerous yellow water pan samples assessing aphid numbers and now testing for levels of virus. Prof Mark Stevens explains the results so far and expected impact.

BeetCast May: A grower's perspective

With the crop underway we join Martin Stuffens, Farm Manager of Park Farm, Thorney to discuss the BBRO trial site that he is hosting and how his crops are faring so far this season.

BeetCast April: Giving aphids their marching orders off beet

We are all on high alert following the Rothamsted Research Aphid forecast. BBRO are exploring a number of options to support the sugar beet industry and encourage growers to join with them in finding new ways to manage this pest.

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