An insight into the world of sugar beet production in the UK, hosted by the British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO). This monthly production provides an overview of the industry with timely updates and future forecasts to support sugar beet growers. Hear from BBRO scientists and the field team, plus grower updates and industry comment.

BeetCast (March) - Forecasting risk with the use of data modelling

The results from the Rothamsted virus forecasting model have now been released, these indicate a reduced aphid population and therefore significantly lower risk of virus in 2021. Listen to how BBRO utilise models to support growers and how this can improve decision making.

BeetCast (February) A good beet crop starts with soil preparations.

Good soil structure is crucial in getting an early spring crop such as sugar beet away, but just how do you achieve that in wet or frosty environments? Soils specialist Philip Wright offers a few pointers for making the most of the conditions and time before drilling commences.

BeetCast (January) What does 2021 hold in store for sugar beet growers?

As we enter 2021, BBRO continues to look for solutions to support growers against Virus Yellows in the short-term, whilst also looking further ahead with the appointment of Dr Georgina Barratt who will be investigating a number of new work streams to build confidence in the crop for the future.

BBRO (December) BeetCast: Benefiting from beneficials

With aphids and virus very much at the forefront of our minds we speak to grower Tom Clarke about introducing an army of beneficials to the crop, and how his fields with under-sown barley fared. We also take a trip to harper Adams University to hear from PhD student Paul Chunga re cell wall integrity.

BeetCast (November): Boxing clever with sugar beet trials

Big is not always better which is why the BBRO are utilising small box trials for a number of projects. Dr Alistair Wright explains the concept and talks about his role and research projects.

We will also be touching on the current harvest results and how the lifting of poor crops first has impacted on overall sugars across most factories. As Simon will explain there is still a bit of yield to be recouped and as the saying goes ‘the only way is up’.

BeetCast (October): Don't keep virus yellows alive

As sugar beet harvesting commences around the Newark factory we visit contractor and grower Graham Liddle for an insight into his 2020 harvesting campaign. Stephen Aldis also joins us to talk about the importance of on-farm hygiene in combatting virus and disease, whilst Prof mark Stevens gives us an update on the prevalence of cercospora

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