An insight into the world of sugar beet production in the UK, hosted by the British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO). This monthly production provides an overview of the industry with timely updates and future forecasts to support sugar beet growers. Hear from BBRO scientists and the field team, plus grower updates and industry comment.

BeetCast March 2023: Drilling into the detail

Sugar beet drills will soon be emerging into the daylight as preparations get under way for the 2023 sugar beet season. Dr Simon Bowen and Stephen Aldis provide a few pointers to getting the crop underway.

BeetCast February 2023: A holistic approach

Meet Newark growers, Ed and Tom Hammond who have taken a holistic view to growing beet. Ensuring sustainability of the soil through cover crop use and careful management, leading to a reduction of inputs.

BeetCast December 2022: Sugar Beet Heaven!

Whilst many may hope to find a trip to Disneyland Florida hanging from their Christmas tree, our intrepid traveller and sugar beet enthusiast Dr Alistair Wright found the Disney of his dreams during a recent trip to Fargo, the sugar beet capital of the USA.

BeetCast November: Prepare for Beet

A bit of preparation now could reap rewards in future; particularly if you take a close look at your soil health. Simon and Georgina provide some helpful hints and guidance to the AHDB Soil Health Scorecard.

BeetCast October: Monitor closely and lift accordingly

Whilst the crop has recovered well from drought, issues such as Beet Moth or cracked roots could expose the crop to secondary infection. Prof Mark Stevens explains what to watch out for.

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