BBRO Office: 01603 672 169

BBRO@bbro_beet on Twitter For Updates

Our new address is: BBRO, Centrum, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, NR4 7UG

There are new instructions for visitors and these can be found on our contacts page.

BBRO Plant Clinic

Easy access to support for all sugar beet growers

 Plant clinic samples can continue to be dropped off at the main entrance where a member of BBRO staff will collect them.  Please ensure you complete the required form (available via the Research page) with any samples submitted.

BBRO Strategy 2022-2025


The BBRO is a non-profit making company set-up jointly by British Sugar plc (BS) and the National Farmers' Union (NFU). 

BBRO has a team of scientists and field trials operators that work hard to conduct robust research projects and deliver technical information through a wide range of knowledge exchange activities e.g. technical publication, summer open days, winter conferences, demonstration farm events and a range of social media activities.  

The BBRO Executive Board provides guidance on the strategic direction of the organisation and its members are responsible for setting the levy.  Working alongside this, the Stakeholder Committee provides guidance on future industry priorities and oversees BBRO’s funded programme of research and knowledge exchange activities. 

To ensure BBRO’s research programme remains aligned with the industry needs we welcome feedback or comments on any of our current activities or suggestions for new work that will help to deliver our strategic objectives.  You can contact us via email at info@bbro.co.uk


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BBRO is a not for profit making company.
We are set up jointly by British Sugar plc and the National Farmers' Union.

British Sugar
National Farmers' Union