Complete: Sulphur fertiliser for sugar beet

Timescale: 2003 - 2004
Project Lead: K Jaggard and F Zhao
Project Sponsor: Rothamsted and BBRO

Project Summary

Like nitrogen, sulphur is an essential ingredient in proteins, and what little evidence there is suggests that healthy beet crops should contain 25-35 kg/ha (Hoffmann et al. 2004). Deficient crops have pale green foliage (like those that are N deficient) and a yellow edge to the leaves (like Mg deficiency), so the symptoms are not easy to identify (Draycott & Christenson 2003).

Main Objectives


1. To determine the optimum dose of sulphur fertilizer in relation to the soil S content at sowing and the manuring history, and the effect of deficiency on beet yield and quality.

2. To determine the effect of time of S fertilizer application on beet yield and quality.

3. To establish a reliable diagnostic test for sulphur deficiency in the sugar beet crop.

4. To determine where and in what circumstances sulphur fertilizer will be needed for the sugar beet crop.

Outcomes / Key Message For Growers And Industry

Under review
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