Current: The evaluation of new seed treatments, priming technologies and/or pellet types for the UK sugar beet market

Timescale: 2020 -2023
Project Lead: Prof Mark Stevens in collaboration with the Seed Working Group
Project Sponsor: BBRO

Project Summary

BBRO protocol for evaluating new seed treatments, priming technologies and/or pellet types for the UK

Main Objectives


A series of experiments will be carried out at four to six trial sites.  At each site, a number of new/developmental pellet type treatments will be replicated six times and will be compared with existing standard treatments.  These trials are done in collaboration with the companies developing new seed priming/pelleting technologies and we are grateful for the material they have submitted int the trials. 

Main Objectives

To compare existing UK commercial seed priming/pelleting products against existing EU or future alternative products.


  • At each site, the numbers of plants emerging will be counted on three rows of each plot, and summed to give a total count for the plot. Counts will be carried out on four dates corresponding to approximately 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% emergence of the field overall.
  • At each site, the yield (dirty and clean weight) and composition (sugar, AN, NA and K) will also be measured for each plot. Yield data will be converted into units of tonnes per hectare (t/ha). 
  • In addition, in high virus yellows pressure years, a count of the number of plants within each plot suspected to have virus yellows will be carried out. 


Data is confidential until products are commercially released but relevant information will be presented to the industry as and when available through BBRO technical meetings and events. Research data/reports will therefore not be published.

Outcomes / Key Message For Growers And Industry

Under review
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