BBRO joined by KTP Associate

Introducing Toby Townsend, appointed to the role of Research Assistant within BBRO, as part of a joint initiative with the University of Nottingham.

"I am a research assistant on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project between BBRO and the University of Nottingham. My role is to utilise the resources available to BBRO and the academic knowledge at University of Nottingham in order to develop a yield benchmarking tool for growers. Alongside this I am helping to run BBRO’s Beet Yield Competition."


From biology to biofuel  to beet

"I studied Biological Sciences at the University of Durham before moving to the University of Nottingham for an MSc in Crop Improvement. I stayed at the University of Nottingham to complete a PhD in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences where I conducted research into second generation biofuel production from wheat straw, considering it from agronomic, economic and environmental perspectives. After this I conducted research into the impact of tillage practices on farm gross margins and greenhouse gas emissions."


Sustainable intensification of sugar beet 

"I am interested in sustainable intensification of agricultural production systems. In particular, I wish to explore how new technologies can help to maximise production in an environmentally-friendly way. At BBRO I am enjoying the opportunity to learn about sugar beet agronomy and to work closely with growers and other stakeholders in the sugar beet supply chain. I like that my KTP project allows me to find commercial applications for academic research findings."


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