Winter Technical Events - 2017

SUGAR BEET - Realising its potential. How can you find and access that elusive extra bit of yield?

Two successful events were held in February attracting growers and wider beet industry to hear how the BBRO and its research partners are helping to track yield potential and secure benefits for growers.  

Event programme as follows:


Overview of BBRO activities and new initiatives including the Demonstration Farm Network and Beet Yield Competition - Colin MacEwan (Head of BBRO)

Part 1 - the foundations.

  • The value of yield benchmarking and the new Knowledge Transfer Partnership Project on data collection - Prof. Neil Crout (University of Nottingham)
  • Making every hectare count - Dr Jenny Bussell and PhD student Tamara Fitters (University of Nottingham)
  • Soil and cultivations - Philip Wright (soil specialist)
  • Uncovered - the benefits of cover crops - Jake Richards PhD student (University of Nottingham) and Dr Simon Bowen (BBRO)

Part 2 - established and healthy.

  • Precision nutrition - N rates and fertiliser placement - Dr Debbie Sparkes (University of Nottingham)
  • Keeping crops healthy - Dr Mark Stevens (BBRO) and Alistair Wright PhD student (University of Nottingham) 

Part 3 - reap the rewards.

  • Opportunities for recovering more yield - Dr Simon Bowen (BBRO)
  • Grower challenge - video from Simon Smith, Cambridgeshire grower.
  • Harvester assessments and new areas of work in Crop Recovery and Storage.


Presentations are accessible here.

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