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BBRO / BSPB NEWS RELEASE Five new varieties added to 2019 sugar beet lists




 The five new varieties added to the 2019 Recommended (RL) and to the Descriptive (DL) List reflect the continued improvement in yield and other characteristics, such as bolting, in candidate varieties being put forward by breeders.


Five new varieties have been added to the RL and DL; BTS 1140 from Limagrain UK Ltd, Kortessa KWS from KWS UK Ltd, Jura from SESVanderHave UK Ltd and Gauguin from Strube UK Ltd to the RL and Philina KWS from KWS UK Ltd to the DL.


“Although 2017 trials were affected by the dry cold conditions at the start of the season, the control varieties in the trials still managed to achieve a mean yield of 114 adjusted tonnes per hectare with new varieties offering up to a 7.6% yield increase above that,” commented Mike May, Chairman of the RL Board.  “In addition it is also good to see some of the new varieties with very low bolting, an important requirement for many UK sugar beet growers.”


Two of the new RL varieties, Jura and Gauguin are BCN tolerant varieties. With the high yields that breeders have managed to breed into these varieties, these are not restricted to the DL list, as was the case prior to the 2018 RL, and are therefore recommended for general use.


Philina KWS was added to the DL for use specifically where AYPR has been identified in a field and provides a superior yield to the variety it replaces. The yield results on the DL, and for BCN varieties, are in the absence of these problems.


“Before ordering BCN or AYPR tolerant varieties, growers should discuss options with the BBRO and breeders who will have more information on their performance in the presence of the problem,” advises Mike.


The average plant population harvested was 108,000/ha and average sugar content 18.1%. The numbers of early-sown bolters are from trials sown in late February and the first five days of March.  Growers should use these latter figures for guidance if sowing early, or if very cold conditions are expected.   Those varieties indicated by a X in the tables are not recommended for sowing before the 15th March.



The RL/DL table can be found on the BBRO website ( along with the supplementary tables showing the three-year data for the varieties, plus seed provenance, vernalisation experienced in the early sown bolter trials over the last three years and juice impurities.



The sugar beet RL and DL


This is a joint venture between BBRO and BSPB and is governed by a Board with equal representation.  Thirteen yield trials are sown each year with the best trials harvested and the results used to determine the RL.  Early sown bolters and disease susceptibility are determined in separate trials that are not taken to yield.  The DL is for varieties with special traits where more than just RL trials data is required.  For 2019 the DL is for enhanced rhizomania resistance (AYPR varieties).






Mike May

0775 99 100 89


KWS                          Ben Bishop


56 Church St

Thriplow, Herts

SG8 7RE          


Limagrain                  Bram van der Have

Limagrain (UK) Ltd


Market Rasen, Lincs


07802 775709








Grantham Road

Wellingore, Lincoln

07775 775388


Strube                        Richard Powell

Strube UK Ltd

9 Constitution Hill

Fakenham, Norfolk

NR21 9EF 


MariboHilleshög        Ingvar Christensson

                                  MariboHilleshög Research AB

                                  Säbyholmsvägen 24

                                  261 91 LANDSKRONA


Mobile: +46734 437 135





Further technical information about all of the varieties is available from each of the seed breeders.


* for full descriptions, see Sugar Beet Recommended List 2018 document



Further Information:

Mike May, Chairman RL Board,
British Society of Plant Breeders
07759 910089







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