The Greatest Online Ag Show

BBRO is proud to support the Greatest Online Ag Show held on the 2nd May 2020. This great idea raised over £12,000 for agricultural charities.

BBRO had their own trade stand and a few staff took to the stage within the Innovation for Agriculture area.  Hear what they had to say.


BBRO undertake a number of scientific research projects but sometimes the beginnings of a project comes from a 'What If?' moment. Here Stephen Aldis explains how we are investigating the growth impact of growing beet under plastic.


Prof Mark Stevens, Head of Science for BBRO is also the lead of our aphid/virus control work.  What are the issues we face? Mark will tell you more.

The lab and horticultural team are always busy but especially in May - why is that Kevin?

Normally the BBRO in-field trials are planted in much the same way as the commercial crop, however, sometimes we need to think outside the box!


Finally, but by no means least: Dr Simon Bowen takes to the stage to discuss, soil health - does it have an impact on sugar beet?


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