BBRO investigate 'Robotti'

BBRO have been offered the opportunity to follow Autonomous Agri Solutions and Sentry farming in their use of a Robotti autonomous robot.

Alongside British Sugar we will be monitoring the crop which has been drilled by the robot and will be mechanically hoed and band sprayed to see how the crop performance. Assessments will look at plant populations, weed levels and overall crop health. It is an exciting opportunity to follow a system on commercial practice and understand how the technology may be used in sugar beet crops in the future.

Please see below press release from Sentry.


Sentry, a leading UK wide agricultural company, has partnered with Autonomous Agri Solutions, British Sugar and the British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO) to take a major leap towards sustainability by implementing innovative technology – Robotti (an advanced autonomous robot) for sugar beet planting and subsequent weed control programme.

This ground-breaking technology aims to improve planting efficiency, reduce the company's carbon footprint, and lower its environmental impact by reducing our reliance on pesticides.  It fits with Sentry’s mantra of optimising inputs, reducing waste, and looking after the soil and the surrounding environment.

The Robotti, imported by Autonomous Agri Solutions, is an advanced autonomous robot that uses sensors and algorithms to plant sugar beet seeds with unparalleled accuracy. It is designed to work in various soil conditions and terrains, making it an ideal solution for large-scale farming operations. In addition, the Robotti's real-time monitoring capabilities enable operators to adjust planting parameters on the fly, ensuring the best possible results.

"By partnering with British Sugar and BBRO and implementing the Robotti, we are taking a major step towards a more sustainable future for agriculture," said John Barrett, Director of Sentry "This technology will not only improve our planting process, but also help to reduce our environmental impact and promote more efficient use of resources."

"We are proud to partner with Sentry and the BBRO to implement the Robotti for a look at how we can make growing sugar beet more sustainable in the future," said Andrew Dear from British Sugar. "This technology is a significant step towards more efficient and sustainable agricultural practices, and we look forward to seeing the benefits it will bring to the industry."

The partnership between Sentry, British Sugar, and BBRO is part of a larger effort to promote sustainable agriculture and reduce the industry's carbon footprint. The three organisations are dedicated to exploring new technologies and practices that can help to improve the quality and yield of crops while reducing their environmental impact.


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