Emergency Authorisation for Movento

Confirmation has been received of the approval for an emergency authorisation for the use of Movento on sugar beet.
  • Remember that this is ONLY for application to non-cruiser-treated crops.
  • Authorisation is as the third insecticide spray in your programme. Use only after Tepekki/Afinto and Insyst  have been applied to crops.
  • Any aphicide should only be used if the aphid thresholds have been breached.

A summary of some of the key information relating to the EA

This Emergency authorisation relates to the use of ‘Movento’ (MAPP 18435) for the control of peach potato aphid (Myzus persicae) to prevent virus yellows infection.

Applications to be made via horizontal boom sprayer in water volumes of 300 to 600 litres water per hectare. ‘Movento’ should be applied at the recommended rate of use and in sufficient water volume to achieve the required spray penetration into the crop and uniform coverage necessary for optimal pest control.

IMPORTANT: When applying this product under the terms of this Emergency authorisation, comply with any resistance guidance or restrictions stated on the product label 

Extent of authorisation: England

Product nameMovento

Active ingredient150 g / l spirotetramat

MAPP number18435

Product authorisation holderBayer CropScience Limited (Registered Company 218826)


Maximum individual dose: (litres product/ha/crop)

Maximum total dose: (litres product/ha/crop) Maximmn number of treatments Latest time of application:
Sugar beet 0.5 0.5 - Up to and including sixteen true leaf stage (BBCH39)


Other specific restrictions:

(1) This product must only be applied for the control peach potato aphid (Myzus persicae) in accordance with the terms of this Emergency Authorisation, the

product label and/or associated leaflet.

(2) Growers must refer to BBRO advice and recommendations from BASIS qualified agronomists when considering the need to spray. 

(3) Do not use on sugar beet plants grown from seed treated with ‘Cruiser SB’. 

(4) This product must not be applied via hand-held equipment. 

(5) Crops must only be sprayed with ‘Movento’ following a two-spray programme of acetamiprid and flonicamid and where relevant aphid thresholds* are identified. 

*Up to 12 true leaves: 5 green wingless aphids per 20 plants. Between 12 and 16 true leaves: 1 green wingless aphid per plant.


Environmental:  To protect non-target arthropods, respect an untreated buffer zone of 5 m to non-crop land.


What is Movento?

An oil dispersion formulation containing 150 g/L (15.94% w/w) spirotetramat. It is a ketoenol systemic insecticide which works by inhibition of lipid biosynthesis to control sucking pests.

Due to the mode of action, rapid knockdown of pests should not be expected. Obvious control usually occurs after 3–7 days and is dependent upon pest stage, with youngest larvae being most susceptible and adults least susceptible.

It is systemic and the active ingredient spirotetramat is translocated to growing points and is able to reach hidden aphids in heart leaves and on roots. However, it is important to note that there is little movement from new leaves to older leaves, so good spray cover on older leaves will be particularly important.

Please click here for the full approval document.

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