Emergency Authorisation Approved

Industry gains emergency authorisation for an additional aphid spray for non-Cruiser SB treated crops.

This Emergency Authorisation allows a second foliar spray of ‘InSyst’ on sugar beet crops to aid control of the peach-potato aphid (Myzus persicae) and prevent virus yellows infection. Key points:


  1. Application must only be in sequence - following a first foliar spray of ‘InSyst’ and a second foliar spray of flonicamid (e.g. Teppeki);
  2. This EA is for non-Cruiser SB treated crops only. You MUST not spray Cruiser SB treated crops, in accordance with the stewardship agreement (Cruiser stewardship);
  3. As part of the stewardship agreement around this EA, the following information must be recorded by the user and submitted to British Sugar by 30 August 2024;
  • The date(s) and location(s) of any second application of ‘InSyst’ and the number of hectares treated in accordance with this emergency authorisation
  • Aphid counts and crop growth stages at the time of decision
  • The basis of the decision making on whether to apply foliar spray(s) during the susceptible growth stage period, including any 3rd foliar application (i.e. a second application of ‘InSyst’)

British Sugar will be in touch soon in regards to how they will collect this data.

Emergency Authorisation for use of a plant protection product EA no. 1146 of 2024

HSE letter of approval


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