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Founded in 1926, British Sugar Beet Review is the UK’s premier sugar beet publication produced for the UK Beet Sugar industry’s growers and advisers.

Access a vast range of technical information derived from the British Beet Research Organisation and British Sugar, as well as news and updates from people in the UK sugar beet industry.

February 2018

The BBRO embarked on an intensive programme of grower visits across it's Demo Farm network, to offer growers the opportunity to come to BBRO Demo Farms and see the impact...

October 2017

As the number of Anaerobic Digestion plants in the UK has increased, which is helping to increase the proportion of renewable energy supplied in the country, there is the...

May 2017

In October this year Production Quotas and export limits will be lifted, freeing us to grow and sell as much sugar as we choose.

January 2017

Destroying beet remnants and crown material on cleaner-loader spoil heaps and Maus loading sites is essential to reduce the threat from virus yellows and downy mildew

Autumn 2016

The advances in breeding and growing techniques have meant that sugar beet yields have increased at a time when other crops have, in the main, reached a so called 'yield ...

Summer 2016

Since the formation of Action on Sugar, a number of high profile media reports have pressurised the government to take action on obesity through the use of a tax on the s...

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