Beet Review

Topical magazine providing insight into industry challenges, changes and new technology.

Founded in 1926, British Sugar Beet Review is the UK’s premier sugar beet publication produced for the UK Beet Sugar industry’s growers and advisers.

Access a vast range of technical information derived from the British Beet Research Organisation and British Sugar, as well as news and updates from people in the UK sugar beet industry.

Winter 2012

In this edition we look at BBROs Plant Clinic and what happened in 2012 and a lookback in its centenary year to the start of sugar beet growing.

Autumn 2012

Inside this issue we discuss bench-marking and forecasting the beet crop and the importance of correct crowning for maximum yield

Summer 2012

Dr Mark Stevens and Ed Burks review the results of fungicide trials, and Rothamstead gives us an insight how the peach-potato aphid has evolved to resist chemical control...

Spring 2012

What does climate change mean for our future pest and disease control strategies? Read Jon West and Dr Mark Stevens report inside, and there's a roundup of recent confere...

Winter 2011

What’s the Importance of preparation, maintenance and field operations... read about it inside. and there are updates on recent IIRB activities.

Autumn 2011

You can read inside this edition all about the Spring and Summer BBRO meetings and some of their findings and there’s the latest news from the USA.

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We are set up jointly by British Sugar plc and the National Farmers' Union.

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